Northern Education Research Project

The Northern Education Research Project (NERP), which was formally launched in 2000, is aimed at promoting the improvement of education in Northern Nigeria. It among other things seeks to galvanise all Stakeholders in that part of the country to take concrete steps to:

Raise enrolment levels into primary, secondary, higher and non-formal education.

  • Reduce and completely eliminate social class, gender, and rural-urban disparities in educate in all parts of the region;
  • Promote the growth and development of science, technical education and Information and Communications technology in all parts of the region.
  • Ensure that all disadvantaged groups such as out-of-school children, including almajirai, women, nomads and other occupational groups have adequate access to education.
  • Use education to promote cultural renewal and general socio-economic development in the North.
  • Significantly reduce educational imbalances and disparities between the North and the South. 
  • Mobilise human and material resources, both nationally and internationally for the promotion of educational development in the North.
  • Build linkages and partnerships among ministries of education, education parastatals, national, international agencies, N. G. O. and C. B. O. for the development of education in Northern Nigeria.
  • Generate and disseminating accurate data on all aspects of education in the North.
  • Sensitize governments, political, community and religious leaders, NGOs, parents, national, international agencies and indeed all Stakeholders on the deplorable condition of education in Northern Nigeria and its implications. More, importantly, to mobilize the above stakeholders to take concrete action to improve the condition of education in Northern Nigeria.
  • Through regular meetings and consultations with governments, and all stakeholders; workshops; and seminars; identify educational problems and issues and the most effective strategies for improving education in Northern Nigeria.

The Project has in the past years focused on the following issues/problems: –

  • Science and technical education.
  • Adult and non-formal education.
  • Women and girl-child education.
  • Research on the integration of Qur’anic education and the production of a Blueprint on a model Qur’anic primary school.
  • Integration of Islamiyya and western education.
  • Teachers supply, particularly for science and technical education, Mathematics and English.
  • Capacity Building and leadership education.
  • Advocacy through Meetings and Consultations.
  • Research and the establishment of a strong education database.
  • Monitoring and inspecting educational progress in the northern states.
  • Advising states on specific educational issues.
  • Establishment of an NGO coalition for educational advancement.

Drafted and published the following books and manuals:

  • Manual on School Inspection.
  • Manual on School Management.
  • Teaching Primary English, Mathematics, and Science.
  • Teaching of English in Junior Secondary Schools.
  • Teaching of Mathematics in Junior Secondary Schools.
  • Teaching of Science in Junior Secondary Schools.
  • Guidance and Counselling for Secondary Schools.