• Research for higher degree of universities in the field of Nigerian History and Culture, including academic supervision.
  • Research commissioned by government (including research involving the study of classified documents)
  • Repository of the National Archives are unique for this purposes in this regard where Arewa House retrieves, systematises and preserves source materials relating to the history, languages, politics and economic and societies of Nigeria in general and of northern part of Nigeria in particular.
  • Therefore, researchers to Arewa House are drawn from all the Government agencies, Universities in Nigeria as well as from various parts of Africa. Europe and the United State of America.
  • Arewa House organised National and International Seminars, conferences and symposia etc, in the field of Nigerian Historical studies
  • In 1987 National Symposium on ‘Critical Issues in Historical Experience of Federalism in Nigeria. Was organised by Arewa House.
  • National Seminar on Issues in Nigeria’s Political Culture: Values and Leadership in 1989,
  • World Conference on Slavery and Society in History said to be the first of its kind on the African Continent and the Second in the world
  • National Conference on Privatization 2001,
  • National Conference on Sokoto Caliphate 2003,
  • International Conference on Sokoto Caliphate 2004
  • Program for the enhancement of public understanding of the contemporary relevance of the Nigerian historical experience through advanced historical research in the evolution of political cultures and the art of government and statecraft as well as social, political and other related fields.
  • Publication in the field of Nigerian historical, educational, political studies. E.g from 1987 Arewa House began its own research and publications programmes so many books was already published in this regard
  • Facilitating and coordinating the take-off of the Tsangaya System of Education (the Integration of the Qur’anic Education)

The Centre accommodates students, scholars and researchers. It also provides research affiliation to students from all parts of the world conducting research on any aspect of the state and society of Northern Nigeria.