Historical Documentation

  • Records from the Premiers office and the Colonial records from Secretariat of Northern Provinces from 1900-1957, as well as Executive Council Papers (over 12,000 files). From 1959-1966
  • Colonial records, such as Correspondences, Treaties, Intelligence Reports, Confidential Reports, Assessment Reports on Political, Educational, Economic Development, Agricultural, Chieftaincy and Religious Matters, Boundaries and Land Matters, Personal Files, Reports of Constitutional Conferences, Laws and Administrative records from 1900-1957
  • Government official Publications are also housed (over 3110 vols.) These include Legislative debates of the defunct National, Northern, Eastern and Western House of Assemblies/House of Chiefs; Legislative Proceedings; policy papers; general orders; rules and regulations; and, addresses and speeches.
  • Memoranda, Minutes and Notes, Gazettes of Federal and Regional Governments,
  • Reports of the Committees of Enquiries, Special Reports, Annual Reports, Government’s White Papers, Audit and Financial Reports, etc.
  • Economic and Commercial Development Blueprints; Agricultural and Industrial Development Policies; and, Constitutions and Laws.
  • Arabic manuscripts in form of Correspondences, Jurisprudences, History and Politics, Islamic Sciences, and Poetry.
  • Transcripts of news broadcast of the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation. Local daily newspapers, magazines, journals and bulletins (Over 2967 Vols.). 1959-1966
  • Late Dr Mahmoud Modibbo Tukur Collection
  • Late Professor Philips Shea Collection
  • Late Professor John Lavers Collection
  • Local daily newspapers, including Gaskiya which is the first News Paper in Northern Nigeria published in Hausa Language during world war II, 1939- and which was digitized and published in EAP web page.