Arewa House Museum is a national resource, devoted to the identification, documentation, protection and interpretation of Nigerian experience, focusing on the history and society of Northern Nigeria.

The exhibition in the Central Gallery of the Museum focuses on the twentieth century to illustrate the life and time of the late Alhaji (Sir) Ahmadu Bello and his associates.

Exhibitions of the individual Northern states reflect the civilization and culture of those states. While the exhibitions to be mounted occasionally should promote cultures of all peoples from all parts of Nigeria, and particularly to encourage the understanding of common roots and links between these cultures as well as understanding and tolerance of other people cultures.

On the whole, the exhibitions are intended to teach our younger generations how cultures and traditions of other people are respected, as a basis for promoting national unity.

The major functions of the Museum, which is to encourage service for and dialogue with the society it is serving, are as follows:

  1. To acquire and present objects that recalls the history of the people of Northern Nigeria and to use modern museum techniques to teach visitors about the region and its people.
  2. To mount exhibitions designed to heighten the sense of self worth and dignity of the entire population and also help to promote the historical, social and economic life of the region.
  3. The development of museum-oriented school programmes and the provision of meeting space for programmes and events.



The museum holds several collections of artefacts of historical and aesthetic interest to researchers and the general public. Apart from the artefacts, we also keep photographs of important events and personalities. The collections are accessible to both researchers and the general public. We however welcome written application in advance of a visit.  


Permanent Exhibition

The Arewa House Museum is unique. It consists of a big central museum hall and twelve satellite galleries spread around it in a circle. It is designed to project the common and individual attributes of the civilizations of the various peoples in the North especially.

The exhibitions in the central gallery of the museum focus on the twentieth century, to illustrate the life and times of the Late Alhaji Sir, Ahmadu Bello (Sardauna Sokoto) and his associates. In the satellite galleries the exhibition reflects the individual Northern States, their civilization and cultures. The satellite galleries are intended to serve as windows to the Northern States. Other exhibitions are mounted occasionally to promote the cultures of the various peoples of Nigeria and the neighboring countries in order to encourage the understanding of the common roots and links among these cultures. The Museum galleries open daily (excluding weekends) to all interested persons from 8am – 4pm.


Temporary Exhibition

In addition to the permanent exhibition, the central gallery also carries periodic/temporary exhibitions. Such temporary exhibitions involve joint venture exhibitions with some organizations; and professional bodies. The exhibitions have also been organized around topical issues, for example, on ecology/environment, education-Islamic/modern, technology, trade and commerce; art and society, etc.

A part from the galleries, the former residential and office complex of the late Premier, Sir Ahmadu Bello constitutes another important historical site within the premises of the House. Currently, Arewa House is making effort to integrate this complex into the museum. When preparations are completed, the personal effects of the late premier shall be mounted within their historical context.